JOIN US - Dec 18-22

The Camp is for youth ages 12 – 17 and 5ft tall or above and will operate Monday, Dec 18 through Friday, Dec 22.
Fee: $150 for Half Day – 9-12pm or

$300 - Full Day – 9-4pm 

The course encompasses learning:

  • water safety
  • Boat and rowing terminology.
  • Stroke technique on both  Concept2 indoor rowing machines and rowing shells.
  • Details about the boats & oars.
  • Setting and rigging a shell.
  • Launching and docking the boat.
  • Balancing the boat.
  • Navigation rules.


   Rowing Camp

   Complete the Rowing Camp application                       and Waiver and email                            bermudarowingassociation@gmail.com

The Bermuda Rowing Club was  
founded in 2004 and the Club
is home to oarsmen and woman
of all different ages and abilities. 
Based at Whites Island in Hamilton
Harbour, the Club has a steady
buzz of enthusiasts ranging from 

13 years to 70 plus years. 


WELCOME to the BermudaRowingAssociation